What's a Carmi? Carmi Levy plays many roles on this planet, including journalist, analyst, geek, photographer, cyclist, dog whisperer. His favorite and most meaningful roles, however, are husband and dad.

Where does Carmi live? London, Ontario, Canada. Originally from Montreal. Still speaks French to the dog. Loves the fact that he's Canadian because flaws and all, it's a neat place to live, filled with mostly neat folks, too.

How can I find Carmi? Please see the Contact Me page. His LinkedIn profile is here. 

Where does Carmi write? Some cool places, including Yahoo! Canada and the Toronto Star. He's also written for Betanews, Processor, IT in Canada and IT World Canada. He is the senior writer at Voices.com, a London, Ontario-based industry leading website that connects businesses with professional voice talents. His favorite gig? Right here at Written Inc. He's also written corporatespeak for some companies you may have heard of.

What are Carmi's turn-ons? Simplicity. People who say thank you and who look you in the eye when they speak with you. Spending quiet time with, in this order, his wife and kids, his camera, his bike, a large body of water.

What are Carmi's turn-offs? Arrogance. Self-centredness. Mean-spiritedness. Folks who don't hold the door for others. Or who let you hold the door, and then don't say thank you. People who smile with their mouth but not their eyes.

I'm a journalist and I want to speak to Carmi. What does he comment on? Ooh, everything under the sun. More specifically, he focuses on the convergence point of technology, business and society. Gadgets bore him. The implications of those gadgets on our lives, however, fascinate him to no end, and he's always happy to work with media. He comments extensively on the telecom industry, wireless/mobility, regulatory frameworks, IT/business alignment, data centre/infrastructure, end-user computing (PCs, devices, etc.) and social media. If you're not sure, give him a buzz, as he's always happy to blue-sky new ideas with like-minded journos.

What's the deal with his name? Google it. Or drop by for tea. Or simply click here. All will be explained.

What makes Carmi tick? Before Google forced him to update his profile, he used this graf to explain himself to new visitors:
I am a journalist who observes the world from the perimeter before picking up my pen and describing what I see. No more, no less. I believe strongly in random acts of kindness, and know we can all do a better job making our planet a happier place to live. Call me an idealist, but I believe words can help make that happen.
Anything else? He survived a stroke. Doctors called it a freak accident. He calls it a wake-up call from the universe, and is writing a book about the experience. Details here.