Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Media fun on a global scale

My little BlackBerry addiction has come back to haunt me. By the time Research In Motion announced its year-end earnings earlier today, me and the media team at Info-Tech had already reached out to specific media contacts and were ready to provide perspective and commentary on the results.

So to make a long story short, Reuters picked us up, and now I'm quoted in a whole whack of fun places. Byline is Wojtek Dabrowski, a Reuters writer based in Toronto. Headline is:
RIM profit up sharply, says SEC upgrades probe
Here's my quote (lead quote, the only analyst in the piece, and quoted opposite RIM's co-CEO Jim Balsillie):
Carmi Levy, senior research analyst at Info-Tech Research Group, said that although the stock-options investigation is a drag on the company, RIM continues to deliver solid results.

"The company continues to perform and perform strongly, regardless of the progression of the investigation," he said. "You have to ask yourself the question: Is this enough to bring down the company, or is this enough to severely damage them? And the answer on that is an emphatic no."
But wait, there's more...

Because TWO Reuters pickups in a given day are always better than one, I'm quoted in another Reuters piece on a totally different topic: blogging. I kid you not:
Web gurus want blog etiquette despite backlash
It was filed from the New York bureau after I was interviewed by reporter Natalie Armstrong out of their Toronto office. Here's what I said:
Meanwhile, some say it is impossible to have a universal code on the Web, which has proven difficult to regulate.

"It doesn't have a prayer of ever actually being followed universally, so it's not really going to accomplish a whole lot in terms of making the blogosphere a more civil place," said Carmi Levy, senior research analyst with Canadian-based Info-Tech Research Group in London, Ont.

He added that there will always be people who will swear and treat others with disrespect and a code of conduct will not change that.

"Blogging will continue to survive just fine without it," Levy said.
This piece has also been reprinted in a bunch of places:,, CIOL India,

An article, carrying Stevie Smith's byline, has appeared on Monsters & Critics: Blogging code of conduct meets with resistance. Looks like the piece pulls the same quote from the Reuters copy.

Your turn: Should I be having this much fun at work? And a second question, because piece #2 was about blogging: what are your thoughts on the proposed blogging code of conduct? Is the blogosphere a civil place? Why? Why not?


MissMeliss said...

Should you be having this much fun at work? Totally. If you find joy in what you do, it's a good thing.

Should there be a Code of Conduct? If there are going to be rules, there are going to be people who police those rules, and while I agree that death threats on blogs are bad, I'm more afraid of the people who will decide who's violating the code. And you're right, of course, in that there's no way it would be universally accepted. I mean, most bloggers don't even agree on whether or not its acceptable to screen comments.

kenju said...

I am glad you are having that much fun at work, Carmi, and I hope they are paying you well for it.

In most instances, I have found bloggers to be wonderful people. We don't need a code, I think, but some of the political writers might.....LOL

carli said...

Blog etiquette? I would like to wipe my cyber-nose on that idea. People who are rude, crass, abusive, etc. are not going to commit to any such thing, and anyone who would behaves in a civil manner anyway. Isn't real life regulated enough?

These bloggers should devote more time to the important stuff, like getting hamsters to do the Macarena and filming it for YouTube. THAT is what web2.0 is all about.

Sarah said...

Hey Carmi,

Are you still in San Francisco?

If so, and you have time, give me a holler. I'd love to get together for coffee or something.

Mr. Althouse said...


Quite the day you had my friend. I agree with you regarding blogging and Internet regulation in general. Although I'm afraid the growing pains will continue and evolve for some time yet to come, regulation is as impractical as it is oppressive. I like the freedom the web has delivered, and as the saying goes... freedom is never free.

As for RIM: I like my Black Berry!


Amy Palko said...

Unfortunately, when given the platform of anonymity, some will behave badly. I do think it's a case of a few rather than the many, though. I remain unconvinced that a treatise on blogging conduct would be effective. Surely those who have a general respect for others (ie the majority, or am I just an optimist?)are already following a shared ethic. Those that want to abuse will continue to do so regardless.
Good quotes btw!

Bob-kat said...

Congratulations! Quite a coup. Of course you should enjoy your work!

On the topic of blogging, my view aligns with your own. I do not believe that a code of conduct would help at all. You simply cannot rregulate for stupid people and likewise those who would be uncivil on the net would not be disuaded because a set of rules say they shouldn't. If people have no common decency then you cannot hope to appeal to it. I think the blogging community will police itself. People are responsible for their own blogs and if you don't like a comment by someone then you can remove it. Likewise if you don't like someone's blog then don't go there again adn if it really is offensive then report it to Blogger.

Anna said...

Very nice Carmi....

I love that you have so much fun in your job!

Way to go! :)

CG said...

It's great you have fun at work :) I'm jealous.

Maybe I've been lucky but I have only met great people in the world of Blogs - but i can't see any code or rules working well.

Moi said...

Hey!!! Good showing...:) and u have every right to have max fun at work :)I'm sure u r extremely good at it, anyways!!! having fun at work, i meant!!! :)

Blogging etiquettes.....wonder if it makes any sense in the world of free-speech!! If our national leaders can get away with some of the zaniest and most irresponsible statements sure ordinary citizens too can..tho' I don't support anyone doing that.......and regarding rude, abusive comments......Comment moderation is policing enough I think!!!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Work should be fun! If it isn't---well, then change jobs! (lol)
Seriously, I truly believe that work should be fun and one works better and enjoys it more if it is! So keep having fun, Carmi!

I agree with you on the Internet rules and regulations via policing same...It seems like it is as it should be right now, though there are lots of crazy people out there....Freedom Of Speech and all that goes with it...Very Very Important....And there will always be crazy people out there---there always have been and I don't see that changing.

Wordnerd said...

How cool ARE you, anyway??? Yes, you should have this much fun!

As for the code of conduct, I'd like to believe it could work. But like I've said in the past, anonymity is a coward's best friend. Wish it were different.

Anonymous said...

You might as well have fun at work. I see no point in locating a job you'll be miserable and grumpy at. Hmmm... that could tie into the second part of the question, rather than regulate the web, regulate jobs to be fun, and you won't have the miserable cusses messing up the blogs.

The only code of conduct should be set by the blogger. I'm a swearer, but I don't pepper my comments here with a curse or ten, you set that tone in your blog, I'll keep within the bounds.


archshrk said...

grates on being a wealth of quotable information and I must agree with you on the second issue.

tommiea said...

I could only have a job that is fun...otherwise that is alot of time to be miserable....

as for blog etiquette....I know my mom and in-laws read it, so I try not to say (write) anything I wouldn't do in front of them.

Sarch said...

Carmi your thoughts on a blogging code of conduct are on the money.

So glad to hear you're enjoying your job. That is priceless!

Oracle said...


I agree blogging will survive without it, but there needs to be a standard in place should the nee d for that dreaded peace of paper arise :)

It defies anonymity and freedom of speech but without stnadrards anarachy reigns supreme.

As for office 2007 the only major flaw I have found is with some clients indexing does not work I hav efound the solution but besdies that what an awesome tool intuitive user friendly and adaptive ;0) all round awesome ;)